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Oct 17, 2018

"Smishing is a funny term to describe a very serious problem that's going to be more and more prevalent"

Rod Griffin is Director of Public Education at Experian, a leading credit reporting agency which aggregates information on over 1 billion individuals and businesses around the world. Speaking from the company's head office in Texas, Rod tells AICPA & CIMA's Orlando-based Samantha Delgado about how people can protect themselves against fraud and identity-theft and disrupt them right back.


Rod Griffin leads Experian's US education initiatives and oversees their financial literacy grant programme. Catch up with his blog on the Experian website.


  • "smishing", "vishing" and "phishing".
  • the most common types of scams.
  • how fraudsters work.
  • how they steal information.
  • what to watch out for.
  • how to defend against scams.
  • basic, practical ways to protect yourself and your business against potentially fraudulent activity.



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