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May 1, 2019

"For CPAs who know about the space already, you've already got the trusted advantage. Now all you need is the blockchain knowledge".

GBD56. "TheBitCoinCPA" himself, Kirk Phillips, joins the AICPA & CIMAs's Kyle Hannan to share his passionate interest in how blockchain will transform accounting. Kirk has a niche consulting practice in the crypto blockchain space in addition to pioneering many other projects. He authored the Ultimate Bitcoin Business Guide, The AICPA’s Blockchain Fundamentals program, shares his expertise as a tech blogger, and contributes to yBitcoin Magazine and Coindesk. 



  • The trust premium

  • Understanding risk and recognising reward.
  • The crypto myths that need shattering.

  • Thoughts on the recent crypto bear market.

  • Dealing with the naysayers



Bitcoin-super-user and entrepreneur, Kirk Phillips (CPA, CMA, CFE & CPB) is based in Philadelphia in the USA. As an author and educator, he's also an ICO advisor with a deep understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency. He has recently produced the "Ultimate Bitcoin Business Guide: For Entrepreneurs & Business Advisors" Follow him on social media using @TheBitCoinCPA and on LinkedIn here.





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