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Jul 18, 2018

"Stay committed to ethics and objectivity. Your commitment will be tested over and over again as we move through this revolution"

A true pioneer in the field of Applied Artificial Intelligence in Business and Strategy, Professor Al Naqvi is Executive Director of the Society of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Healthcare, and CEO of the American Institute of A.I. His goal is to democratise artificial intelligence responsibly.  Zinaida Mahmutefendic (AICPA-CIMA) finds out how, and discovers about what 'intelligent machines' mean for the wider professional community.


Specialising in making A.I. learning easy for business executives, Professor Naqvi has developed 12 courses in Applied Artificial Intelligence in Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain, Human Resources and others. He is also an expert in deep learning, especially in Financial Markets.


  • definition of AI at two levels: what 'Artificial Intelligence' is, and what 'Applied' AI means.
  • What does this mean for 'intelligent' versus 'autonomous' machines?
  • How finance professionals can use it to identify and monitor risk.
  • Ways to use AI to improve and automate the work they do while improving their relationships with clients to add value and better serve their clients.


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