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Aug 1, 2018

Parents have to get smarter than their children”

In conversation with the Association's Jennifer Gardner, Professor Vivek Wadhwa outlines how today's changes in technology are fundamentally different compared to just 15 years ago. He shares some practical tips that help us limit technology's unintended impacts on our lives while benefiting from the opportunities it offers.


Professor Wadhwa is an academic, a researcher, a writer and a tech entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley. He was on TIME magazine’s list of “Tech 40”, one of forty of the most influential minds in tech; and #2 of “ten men worth emulating” in The Financial Times. 

He studies the exponentially advancing technologies that are soon going to change our world. 

In his recent book "Your Happiness Hacked", he looks at how technology has altered our lives and not necessarily for the better.



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