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Aug 15, 2018

"If I could imagine what the future looks like... it allows us to repurpose ourselves" 

Vince LoRusso, CEO and co-founder of gamification startup TrueUp, outlines how gamifying the accounting and finance world can help companies better understand and benchmark skills for their teams and their job candidates.



In this conversation with Zinaida Mahmutefendic of the Association's office in North Carolina, Vince answers questions like: What IS "Gamification"? What's the value of bite-size feedback? How can it help cross-generational teams? How does it impact workplace dynamics? What is 'scrap learning'? How does it reduce staff turnover?

He also outlines TrueUp's CPA Challenge. There's more about it at

Find out more about gamification in the accounting context at the Association's website



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