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Mar 5, 2021

"The key to a business's future is CREATIVITY, not coding".

How does a business move beyond spreadsheets while still using data more effectively? What cloud-integrated, process-automation tools can be built without needing any knowledge of code? This week's perspectives come from the city of Surat in India, from where we're joined by Rachit Khator, Founder of Stackby is a collaborative database platform that helps non-technical people create and customize their own software. 

Talking Points. 

  • What an API actually is.
  • Ways a business could “unbundle” from spreadsheets.
  • Why the key to a business's future is creativity, not coding.
  • Some useful, common spreadsheet skills that will help leave spreadsheets behind.

Our Guest. Based in Surat, India, Rachit Khator holds dual Master’s degrees and spent 4 years working in Venture Capital and Product Management for a large Fortune 500 in the USA. He's worked with over 15+ technology startups and, after years of dealing with multiple spreadsheets and applications, returned to India in 2018 to build Stackby. 

Resources. Use these links to find out more about this topic, or to access free and paid-for resources to implement in your own team or organisation.

  • Explore this topic on
  • Get templates on the Stackby website, join their new 'Maker' community which launches shortly, or invite people in the finance and accounting profession to start converting their own process-templates into future-ready templates. Sign up for free at and use it for free forever. 

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