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Feb 5, 2020

"Everybody can work together to collaborate, innovate and move the organisation more and more towards AI with this new business model."

(#96) Talking AI with returning guest Kelly Mattarocci, a Texas-based Certified Public Accountant and a CGMA with expertise as a business strategist, innovator, and thought leader with over 20 year'C-Suite executive experience. She looks at new business visions for the new year and outlines some innovative but practical ways to incorporate AI. She helps answer the questions on all business owners' lips this January: where should our business go in the year ahead, how would it get there, and how could we plan to make this happen?



  • What SHOULD we be talking about when it comes to new styles of technology-ready business models?
  • How are they different from the traditional business model?
  • As CCPA follows on from GDPR, the compliance environment is changing rapidly so what are good practices for compliance, governance and risk-management?
  • A list of 8 elements which should form the basis of a useful '2020-ready' business model.
  • Where part does AI play?



Kelly Mattarocci is founder and CEO of TICH. Based in Austin, Texas, she is described as a domain expert in the context of business, an innovator, and a thought leader. Her primary value-creation focus is embracing technology to expand peoples' abilities, which results in optimisation of both. She's also written for Finance Management magazine. Connect with Kelly on LinkedIn.



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