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May 29, 2019

"People are going to look more to accountants from a SOFTWARE point of view, in how they communicate and in how their taxes are managed".

GBD60. Kate Watson, CEO of CMLW Consulting, joins us from Northeastern England. She talks to Kymberley McAdam (AICPA & CIMA, London, UK) about tech perspectives on GDPR and wider data privacy, cloud accounting, and the importance of effective communication in an increasingly automated profession. She shares some useful and practical suggestions about how finance and accounting professionals can up-skill themselves as things change.



* how asking questions and doing research helps deliver results for accounting professionals

* GDPR and data privacy

* cloud accounting

* effective communication

* technology adoption and strategies

* information governance

* Making tax digital



Kate Watson is CEO of CMLW Consulting, a technology broker and trainer who's been working with clients around the world, assisting them with technology and business for more than 30 years. She helps them make the most of the digital world through best use of technology. Connect with her on Linkedin here. She's also on Twitter using the hashtag #AskMrsWatson.



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