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Mar 27, 2019

"We need individuals who are in those different positions of power in the blockchain space to really bring us in to discuss how we can change things before it gets too solidified. There's a LOT of room for change!".

GBD50 Daisy Ozim is CEO and co-founder of Resilient Wellness, a California-based public health-technology company designed to empower community-building and empowerment for collective health and sustainability. She talks to AICPA & CIMA's Mballa Mendouga about creating a public health blockchain protocol designed to re-establish cultural medicine access for marginalised sectors of society. We also hear about her work with the Blockchain for Social Justice collective, a platform designed to promote education and access of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency for underserved communities.



This March we're featuring a bonus selection of interviews with women who've become movers and shakers in the accounting, finance and business professional sphere. Episodes every Wednesday as usual with 'Friday Focus' shows for some extra weekend inspiration.



- driving innovation alongside social impact

- decolonising technology and public policy

- putting individuals and communities front and centre

- 'poverty pimping'

- the social determinants of health



Daisy Ozim is founder/director of Resilient Wellness. She also serves as a board member for the Bay Area Entrepreneurship Alliance where she works to ensure access to resources and support for emerging entrepreneurs. Additional duties as Commissioner for the Alameda Public Health Commission are centred around decolonising philanthropy, technology and public policy. Connect with her on LinkedIn.



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