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Mar 6, 2019

 "Have grit and persevere, no matter WHAT happens, because you are so intrigued and attached to an idea.”

March's special Women's History Month content series continues. Mballa Mendouga (AICPA & CIMA, Durham, USA) talks to a Hong Kong-born tech disruptor who dropped out of University in her early 20s to launch a multi-million dollar startup called BitSpark. Based in Hong Kong, Bitspark is a remittance platform operating out of Hong Kong which uses blockchain for users to send cash overseas faster at lower exchange rates. It's expanding in traditionally unbanked populations and markets, and also operates a virtual platform for crypto-currency and Bitcoin trading.



Throughout March we'll feature a special selection of interviews with women who've become movers and shakers in the accounting, finance and business professional sphere. There'll be episodes every Wednesday as usual, with 'Friday Focus' episodes for some extra weekend inspiration.



Maxine Ryan's passion is freedom of financial services for people. In 2014, she co-founded Bitspark, the world's first cash in, cash out blockchain money transfer platformfor Money Transfer Operators which helps business owners send money better via cryptocurrency solutions world wide. She often speaks at tech and finance events, appears on Bloomberg Live and was selected for Forbes 2018 "30 Under 30". Follow her on Twitter via @MaxieRyan and @BitsparksLtd





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