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May 15, 2019

"It is very important to use that (strong) language. It's such a competitive arena out there. Why give anyone a reason to NOT buy what you are selling?"

GBD58. Julie Holunga is a leadership trainer, speaker and coach who works with CPAs, attorneys and other professional women. She tells Jennifer Gardner of AICPA & CIMA(Durham, USA) about the way we're perceived by others. They unpick how communication is not simply the way we speak but the way we 'show up', how we present ourselves at meetings and in our interactions with others.



  • how what you say can influence your 'brand',
  • identifying the weak words that undermine the way you're perceived by colleagues and clients,
  • choosing leadership language that helps - not hinders - your career progression,
  • and changing the words that you didn't realise could be holding you back.



Julie Holunga is an executive leadership coach who trains and develops corporate women, primarily in the legal, accounting, technology, and professional services fields, who are striving to bring direction, focus, leadership and impact to their careers. 

Julie started her career working at Harvard University in the Capital Gifts group. She has built relationships with leaders at Wall Street firms leading the efforts to advance women into positions of leadership. Certified as an associate through Emergenetics, Julie spent seven of her formative years living and attending school in France, India, and Hong Kong. Connect with her on Linkedin here.



JustNotSorry is a Chrome Extension for Gmail will warn you when you use phrases that might be undermining your message.



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