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Oct 16, 2019

"It's not only what each customer is telling you, it's what ALL customers are telling you". 

GBD81 We continue our focus on data and privacy for US and EU Cybersecurity Awareness Month (October 2019). This episode gives the inside track on getting real financial value from a better understanding of insights contained in the data that most people consider in a negative way. Marcia Tal outlines how to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to reveal unexpected opportunities in customer complaints.




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* New understandings of how financial institutions can make better use of their customer data.

* the predictive capabilities of enterprise data and advanced analytics.

* How financial institutions can identify and implement new revenue generating opportunities and impact their P&L.

* How to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to reveal unexpected opportunities in customer complaints.

* Ways that accounting and finance professionals can go “beyond disruption” by leveraging individual customer information.



Marcia Tal is the visionary of the PositivityTech Intelligent Platform: The Science of Transforming Negatives to Positives. The platform combines human insights and advanced technology to uncover and enable strategic growth opportunities hidden in customer complaints. With a background in consumer banking, Marcia has spent her career immersed in the intersection of voice of consumer and advanced analytics. As Citigroup’s former EVP of Decision Management, she built and ran a global function, bringing advanced analytic capabilities to 30 countries. Connect with her on LinkedIn.



* the PositivityTech® Intelligent Platform.

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