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Jul 24, 2019

"Imagine being THAT type of accountant or bookkeeper. How often do you think they would be trying to replace you?...because the relationship is so solid!"

GBD68. Director of the Financial Gym, author and speaker Georgette Rowland Osborne, is a former financial sector IT outsourcing contract-manager who specialised in working with leading UK financial institutions. Now author of the book “Firmer Figures, Fess Up or Mess Up”, she reveals how today's finance professionals can develop the skills of 'client-whispering' and digital 'bridge-building' to deepen their relationships with their clients. The result: they become irreplaceable even as everything around them is becoming just another commodity.



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* You can't add value and become a better partner to your clients until you understand them and their REAL business situation.

* What do you need to know when advising non-digital clients to leave pen and paper behind? (Do they even HAVE a scanner?).

* What does this mean in practice? Where does the typical small business start on their journey to the cloud?

* The importance and techniques of 'discovery' conversations.



Author, speaker and financial independence-advocate Georgette Rowland Osborne entered the cut-throat world of IT and Finance in London when it was not the easiest place for females, let alone one from an ethnic minority. She became manager of a bespoke IT outsourcing company in the City and specialised in dealing with banks. Her clients included the Bank of England, Merrill Lynch, NM Rothschild, NatWest Bank, Ministry of Defence and the Inland Revenue.  Connect with her on LinkedIn.



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