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Mar 1, 2019

 "What I like to tell people - part of my methodology - is that you have no more, no more, than TWO professional goals at a time.”

We begin our month-long special content series for Women's History Month by talking to author, academic and marketing and strategy consultant Dorie Clark. 

A frequent contributor to the likes of the Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur and Forbes, she consults and speaks to a diverse range of clients, including Google, the World Bank, Microsoft and Morgan Stanley. In this conversation with Heather O'Connor, Senior Communications Manager for AICPA & CIMA in Durham, USA, Dorie illuminates the topics of personal, professional and organisational reinvention that lie at the core of her best-selling business books. 



Throughout March we'll feature a special selection of interviews with women who've become movers and shakers in the accounting, finance and business professional sphere. There'll be episodes every Wednesday as usual, with 'Friday Focus' episodes for some extra weekend inspiration.



According to the New York Times, Dorle Clark is “ expert at self-reinvention and helping others make changes in their lives." She is also an adjunct professor of business administration at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business. Dorie is the author of best-sellers "Entrepreneurial You"(named One Of The Top 5 Business Books Of The Year by Forbes), "Reinventing You", and "Stand Out" (Named the #1 Leadership Book of the Year by Inc, Magazine).





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