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Jan 29, 2020

"What I don't think we've realised "How do you RE-IMAGINE accounting?"  

(#95) Hear this boundary-nudging lecture delivered at AICPA & CIMA's London office, arranged and introduced by Ian Selby, our Vice President of Global Research and Development (Management Accounting). His guest speaker was Professor Nicholas McGuigan, visiting the UK just as the 2020 World Economic Forum Summit was beginning in Davos, Switzerland. Professor McGuigan’s message is a powerful one. It touches on the reimagining of the accounting profession and unpacks new visions for how educators could transform the way they train tomorrow's finance professionals. 



  • Balancing what the world needs with what we're good at doing. 
  • What happens when we're no longer accounting for money but for water? 
  • How accountants could reimagine their own profession for the future. 
  • The surprising influence of permaculture, garden design and environmental sustainability on the way we design businesses, cities, and entire economies. 
  • The profound opportunities for real change in the way accounting educators train the next generation of accountants. 



Professor Nicholas McGuigan is Associate Professor at Monash Business School, a global speaker, and a co-instigator at The Accountability Institute. He works to create future­‐orientated business education programs that focus on innovation, creativity and design thinking. Nick's special areas of interest spread across accounting research, creativity & innovation, learning and facilitation of accounting, business education, design thinking, pedagogical design & research, and permaculture. Connect with him on LinkedIn.





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