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Apr 24, 2019

"We operate better when we engage. Look up, meet the people and understand the human being behind things".

GBD55. As the AICPA & CIMA CFO Conference begins in Chicago, we talk to the Group Chief CFO of Bowmans Law, Jo-Ann Pohl. A qualified chartered accountant and professional banker (PBSA), in 2014 she was named by Euromoney as one of Africa’s top 20 rising stars. Jo-Ann is part of the 2013 South Africa Boss of the Year alumni and member of the African Leadership Network (ALN). 



  • The growing role of women in corporate and finance positions across fast-developing economies in Africa and beyond.

  • Going beyond the IT: from EQ to MQ - the 'meaningfulness quotient'

  • Practical tips for successful implementation of RPA in corporate finance.

  • The maths of accumulated impact: Creating the “little monsters, the ‘little dominoes that can topple the empire state”.

  • African proverbs and the 5 truths at the heart of what makes us better leaders, better colleagues, better role models, and better business-people.



Jo-Ann Pohl has held several CFO, Executive, and Non-exec Director roles in the banking and investment world. These include C-suite positions at Telesure Investment Holdings, Standard Chartered Bank Africa and a senior role heading up the Finance and Shared Services team for Barclays Africa and the Middle East.

Her work with start-ups and global corporates has built pivotal expertise in change management, leadership and strategic direction, governance, oversight and external stakeholder management. Jo-Ann also chairs the Board of the Charities Aid Foundation Southern Africa, is a member of the 30% Club Southern Africa Steerco, adjudicates the Technology Top 100 (TT100) and Accenture Innovation Index and Gender Mainstreaming Awards.

In addition, she counsels cancer patients and mentors young entrepreneurs and women in business.

Connect with Jo-Ann via LinkedIn here.





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