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Jul 10, 2019

"One of the things we do is teach people that they need to use what they have, and that is ENOUGH...before you get up to do give a speech or a talk, or deliver a message to someone." 

GBD66: Human Intelligence. Jennifer Gardner talks to improv facilitator, speaker and founder of BraveSpace, Kristy West. 1 in 4 people are terrified of speaking in public, sometimes rating it their 2nd biggest fear (next to death). Recognising that improv is about more than just 'stand up' comedy, Kristy's focus is to take improv off the stage and into the corporate environment. They discuss bravery, active listening, going "off script", and the importance of accepting that what you have is enough. Kristy outlines how these skills can help to foster innovation, boost creativity, deepen collaboration, develop new mindsets and embed the critical communication skills needed in today’s always-changing, tech-driven, work climate. 



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* Glossophobia: what it is and why it matters to 1 in 4 professionals.

* How using improv skills can help you get started in your career and get further once it's begun.

* How to develop better collaborative and communicative skills through active listening.

* How to 'unfreeze' by getting comfortable with the realisation that what one has (i.t.o resources and experience) is already enough.



Kristy West is a Speaker, and Founder of BraveSpace, based in Atlanta, USA. She's studied, performed and taught improv for almost two decades and also spent over 15 years in B2B Sales and Corporate Training. Kristy blends her unique experience in improvisational comedy and business to help teams and individuals practice the critical skills needed in today's business world. Connect with her on LinkedIn.



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