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Jun 5, 2019

"It's about that human connection, and HOW they are offering their advice in a way that's relevant, topical and timely to their clients".

GBD61. Peter Brill is MD of Netmentor (a content marketing consultancy based in Bristol. He’s also a former Director of NWN Blue Squared, specialist accountants to the music and creative industries. He talks to Kyle Hannan (AICPA & CIMA, London) about using context to power a business' social media content, outlining practical new ways that today’s professionals can raise their own profiles, promote their expertise in new ways, and help boost the visibility of the accounting profession in non-traditional niches. He shares several interesting examples of how accountants and finance professionals can adapt this to drive their own business forward. We also touch on the difficult question of WHO actually does the work (hint: you may not have to look far).



  • How to attract attention to your accounting business using context as well as content.
  • How to define the ‘story’ of your organisation.
  • Knowing your clients better.
  • When the press is full of bad headlines, how do you turn negatives into positives?
  • Balancing humour and personality with professionalism.



Peter Brill is MD of Netmentor and a former non-executive Director of NWN Blue Squared, specialist accountants to the music and creative industries.  A trained journalist, he was a media conference team leader at the 2012 London Olympics, lectured in PR at Cambridge Marketing College, headed the PR teams for RAC Motoring Services , one of the UK’s leading motoring organisations, and was PR Manager for the motorsport division of Toyota here in the UK. He also works closely with several non-profits in the UK and beyond. Peter focuses on helping organisations find new ways to get noticed in a world of shorter attention spans but increasing amounts of digital content. Connect with him on LinkedIn and on Twitter as @Brill_Mentor



And that Rihanna video? Search for 'BBHMM' on your website of choice. Just be warned that the original version contains explicit lyrics though there are 'clean' edits out there too. 



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