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From mid September 2022 we've become "FLP, the Finance Leadership Podcast".

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Jun 24, 2020

"You can't rely on the changes that kept you operational to keep you secure AND compliant."

This week is the inaugural episode of our monthly Cybersecurity Advisory series. We explore key technology challenges as businesses consider how to implement a seamless environment that supports work from home or in the office....

Jun 18, 2020

"Define your professional success through self-reflection and remembering back to your old jobs. But it's about what you FELT in it, and what you ENJOYED about it."

How has the current situation changed the way we look at our current jobs, and how does it impact the plans we’re making for the next ones? London-based...

Jun 10, 2020

"Now more than ever, it's important that we ENGAGE and we talk to each other."

What innovations and new approaches are finance professionals deploying to weather the pandemic? Hear three more 'Here Together' lockdown experiences, drawn from a large collection of video messages shared by CIMA members and students...

Jun 3, 2020

"Resilient companies actually SUBSTANTIALLY out-performed coming out stronger."

The first of our Oracle "Agile Finance" series, this is an edited audio version of a recent video webcast. It explores how CFOs and finance organisations can build financial resiliency and return their business to scale....