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Jul 15, 2020

"Really good CFOs are able to COMMUNICATE, with people who are not financial experts"

What does it take to be a CFO? How do you get that type of role? What does it mean to work at Board level? And how do you make the right kind of impact once you get there? Chicago-based Eileen Kamerick is a Board member of several listed companies as well as a trusted confidante to CEOs and Directors in Advisory and CFO roles. She shares some exclusive insights into her forthcoming Finance Track session at ENGAGE 2020.



  • Eileen Kamerick is a Fellow of the US National Association of Corporate Directors Board Leadership, as well as an SEC Financial Expert. She currently serves as a Board of Directors Member for three NYSE corporations and one LSE corporation, and has held several corporate Senior Advisor and CFO roles with leading multi-nationals. Connect with her on LinkedIn here.


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