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Aug 28, 2019

How do you actually APPLY what Maslow tells us, that helps us rise towards the top of the pyramid and live more satisfied lives?

GBD73 What REALLY Motivates Today’s Professionals and Tomorrow’s Leaders? Our guest has been researching leadership and motivation for the last twenty years and has turned this into several books. This research also powers the presentations she gives to business leaders, finance and accounting professionals at conferences across the world. While interviewing world-class performers from business, science, the arts and sport, she identified five new intrinsic motivation types that reveal how ordinary people tap into their deepest internal motivations and achieve extraordinary things. She tells AICPA & CIMA's Kyle Hannan about why existing - and future - leaders do what they do, and the ideas and tools we can all use to reach our full potential in a changing business environment. 



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* useful new understandings of what really drives people.

* the importance of “Origin” stories.

* how to create “moments” (the little steps that build a career ladder).

* ways to make these moments ‘land’ so that they make a difference in our business and our careers.

* Our guest mentions 'Drive' by Daniel Pink and The Heath Brothers' "The Power of Moments"



A motivation expert, best selling author and champion dressage rider with a strong business background, Sophie Bennet is a visiting lecturer at Cranfield School of Management, a Grand Prix dressage rider, former national equestrian champion, ski instructor, bestselling author, and a former Head of Content for Dell. Her eclectic background guarantees talks rich in anecdotes and stories. Connect with Sophie on LinkedIn here.



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* An online video session "Women in The Profession: Motivate, Retain and Succeed". How to motivate, retain and train women in the accounting and finance professions for success. This is available to purchase from the CGMA Store website.

* See Sophie's "Five Flames of Motivation" graphic.



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