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Mar 20, 2019

 "Have those boundaries. Don't just push through...and sacrifice your lunch, sacrifice your sleep, sacrifice... because that has a bigger impact and risk than if you actually just ask for what you need".

Lauren Baptiste is a CPA, former Senior Manager at Ernest and Young (New York) and now CEO of Acheloa Wellness. Her Manhattan-based boutique wellness consulting firm specialises in preventing and transforming stressful corporate cultures that lead to burnout, high turnover and huge staff-attrition costs. She talks to Jennifer Gardner of AICPA & CIMA (Durham, USA) about the crucial importance of making ourselves a priority too.



* Burnout.

* Building protective boundaries.

* Sparking joy.

* How WE are not robots.

* Becoming a more resilient and effective professional.

* Concentrating on one's own relationships, passions and self-care.



Lauren Baptiste is a certified yoga teacher, reiki healer and New York State CPA with a Bachelor of Science (BS) from Manhattan College. An experienced consultant with a demonstrated history of clients with different sizes, complexities and industries, she's a wellness expert who focuses on issues with burnout, work-life balance and women's health. Connect with Lauren here.



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