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Nov 6, 2019

"The decision is made, the risks are weighed, and outcome HAPPENS. And you pivot or die."

(#84) Chicago-based David Jarczyk is Principal in KPMG LLP’s Tax Innovation group and the firm’s Tax Blockchain Leader, focusing on bridging the gap between technology/big data and business cases/user needs. He shares insights on his innovative work to foster and scale startup mindsets that can drive change right across large enterprises. We also hear how this model can be used for more than just Blockchain but for ANY technology that an organisation may be adopting or evaluating, and how this be used on a truly global scale. 



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* some new understandings of what a ‘digital duplicate’ is,

* how this connects emerging technologies with an organisation’s existing and ongoing business needs, 

* how Blockchain is just one of many enabling technologies that companies are needing to build on for the future,  

* ways that this model can be used for more than just Blockchain – but for ANY technology that an organisation may be adopting or evaluating. 

* the practical core: how to link all of this to the people without which none of these digital transformations will deliver on their full promise.  




Before joining KPMG (Illinois, USA) as the lead Tax/Finance partner for the firm’s Blockchain initiative, David Jarczyk was a founder and CEO of a successful intellectual property technology company for 10 years, and founder and head of client services for an economics and valuation firm for the prior 5 years. He’s a true entrepreneur and economist – who is literally helping to transform the way a Big Four accounting firm approaches technology and helps its clients disrupt and improve their normal processes. Connect with him on LinkedIn.



* "Crossing The Chasm" by Thomas Moore.

* The Lean Startup" By Eric Reis.



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