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From mid September 2022 we've become "FLP, the Finance Leadership Podcast".

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Jun 27, 2018

"It's very easy to misapply the technology in a way that isn't taking advantage of the unique aspects that these distributed networks can provide".

A software engineer and professional cypherpunk, Jameson Lopp of CASA, guides us through the history of cryptoassets.  Learn about its cypherpunk beginnings, rise in...

Jun 20, 2018

"Don't focus on one technology but focus on the convergence of ALL of these technologies right now!"

This is not the first time technology is disrupting our industry.  Amanda Wilkie of Boomer Consulting, Inc. shares how technology innovation in the past, from the computer itself to mobile and social networks,...

Jun 13, 2018

"There's a slight danger that you get hung up on all the potential barriers and end up not starting."

As companies are turning to robotic process automation (RPA) to eliminate manual tasks, what does this mean for our profession?  Ed Brooks of The RPA Academy walks us through problems RPA can solve for us and why we...

Jun 6, 2018

"It's important to really cherry-pick the information that matters most and understand how it applies to your profession.

How does blockchain tech currently impact the accounting and finance industry, what will the landscape look like, and how can we prepare?  Ron Quaranta of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance...