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Dec 5, 2018

"We could communicate by email but the pendulum is swinging back. People want face-to-face communication"

Our "Human Intelligence" work inspires our December episodes and our guest for the first of them is Dexter Moscow. He shares his depth of insight into how professionals and their teams can rise above the hum of the tech to positively impact and motivate others. Dexter talks to AICPA & CIMA (UK)'s Kyle Hannan about why he loves seeing the lightbulb come on when people finally 'just get it'.


Author, speaker, and business-influence coach Dexter Moscow has worked closely with Lego, has been QVC's Chief Guest Trainer for the last 16 years, and currently consults with one of the biggest accounting organisations there is. Author of new book "The Moscow Method", Dexter works via


  • the disruptions caused by the cutting out of the 'middle-man" in this new age of disintermediation.
  • What it "disintermediation"?
  • The 3Es +1 formula for building positive, personal impact.
  • The 4 elements of influential presentations.
  • How to create trust by understanding the individual.
  • How to welcome the risks and the rewards of stepping outside of the 'professional gloss'.




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