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Mar 22, 2019

"As a society we've raised our children to make fear-based decisions unintentionally. Being able to change that mindset to an OPPORTUNITY-based decision really changes the way you think about what is possible for you".

GBD49. Lindsay Stevenson, CPA, CGMA is the Vice President of Finance & Tax at 1st Financial Bank USA, and was recognised as one of 2018's "Most Powerful Women in Accounting" by AICPA and CPA Practice Advisor and one of CPA Advisors’ 2017 "40 Under 40". She talks to AICPA & CIMA's Jennifer Gardner about challenging fears, finding purpose and leveraging it to positively impact the innovation and success of individuals, organisations and the wider profession as a whole.



This March we're featuring a bonus selection of interviews with women who've become movers and shakers in the accounting, finance and business professional sphere. Episodes every Wednesday as usual with 'Friday Focus' shows for some extra weekend inspiration.



* Self-Trust

* How fear and trust CAN work together.

* the research of Brené Brown on being daring and the power of vulnerability.  



Founder/CEO of Origin Evolution LLC and an Intend2Lead team member, Lindsay Stevenson also received the AICPA Outstanding Young CPA Award in 2017. Passionate about inspiring positivity in the world at large, she serves on a number of professional committees (both at the AICPA and SDCPA) and community boards and is also co-chair of the AICPA ENGAGE conference in 2019. See her LinkedIn profile here.



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