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Jul 31, 2019

"Management Accountants are perfectly placed to bring collaboration from siloed parts of a business, get them talking to each other, and move innovation forward."

GBD69 War historian and Management Accounting expert Dr Martin Farrar is described as a maven, polymath and broker of information, learning lessons from the past and present to inform all our futures. To commemorate the centenary of CIMA (the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants), Martin researched and authored a revealing book called "Leading The Transformation", covering the 100-year history of the Management Accounting profession, tracing its roots back to the First World War. He tells AICPA & CIMA's Kyle Hannan about what a century of history can reveal about the profession's tradition of innovation in the face of technological transformation, and shares the insights it provides about the innovative future that lies ahead. 



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* Never mind the "Hockey Stick (J)" curve. What about the 'S' curve!

* Why the phrase "Winter Is Coming" may NOT be such a bad thing after all (and it's got nothing to do with Game of Thrones).

* How the history of management accounting reveals a century-long tradition of cooperation, innovation and adapting to technological change.





Martin Farrar’s research specialises in the Future of Finance, sustainability, strategy, and the history of management accounting. Before joining the Association’s research and development team, Martin worked closely with CIMA’s senior management team and council as a strategic planner to define, implement and report on corporate strategies and build future capability. His research has been published in several white papers and has contributed to the ongoing development of the CIMA professional qualification syllabus. 

Martin holds a PhD from King’s College London, War Studies Department. His ongoing research into the First World War led to the publication of his book on the reporting of war. Connect with him on LinkedIn.



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